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Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion or Skyrim? Which is your fav and why?

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#1 KUPOkinz


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Posted 30 October 2013 - 11:57 AM

Really, no arguments or flames please. This is more of a pick your favorite than discuss the differences. I've never played Arena. I've dibbled and dabbled in Daggerfall a little and put a few hours in a few different characters in Morrowind. Oblivion I sank my life into and Skyrim.. eh, I sank maybe 30 or 40 hours over the last couple of years. 


Arena? Can't comment. Neva eva eva eva played the game, though I've watched a few playthrus here and there. 


Daggerfall? Very open ended (from what I remember.. I wasn't very old (I'm 19!)) and so many skills and what-not. Took me like 6 hours to get out of the first dungeon and man-eating controls to get used too. Still can't really comment on it too much. Oh. And I hated those nude spider women. Ugh they used to give me nightmares. A few cool points I do remember of this game was that you could ask pretty much any question to anyone and get the answer anddd YOU COULD LEGIT BRAKE INTO PEOPLES HOUSES! I loved sneaking thru someones window and breaking in but sadly I don't really remember all the things you could steal. Daggerfall really was what set the standard imo what brought Elderscrolls what it is today. 


Ugh. Morrowind. My baby, my big beautiful, dice rolling honey who I've always dreamed of. Morrowind is my personal favorite being that it was the 3rd I played (Daggerfall, Oblivion, then Morrowind). Such a wide a grand adventure with no hand holding or place markers telling you where to find so and so. The world is a magnificent art piece just waiting to be uncovered bit by bit. I'm currently running a Dark Elf character who's level 3 and I've already sunk 6 hours into this character. Boy do you level slow lol. As much as I praise this game, I don't think I've truly ever even gotten into it. The farthest in the mainquest I've ever stepped foot was getting that pitiful dwemer cube for the crackhead guy. But the world itself can be the cause of that. I've NEVER step foot in the northern half of the map yet I've seen so many wonderful and awesome things on the lower half. Life Molag Mar the san village or Vivec, that stupidly giant fortress/city I always get lost in for hours. Oh and just yesterday I found a giant mushroom that I could climb up too and received an awesome fortify agility pendant off a dead bird. O.o Cool! I'm actually currently stuck trying to find this city by asking directions every where I go. I love that so much! It's like a real adventure. Thus an older adventure with older gameset rules but an adventure none the less. 


Oblivion! Oh what a grand it was. So many girlfriends I lost playing in this world. I loved it and loved it more the next day. I remember having such high level characters and god, who can forget "HI, I'M YER BIGGESTZ FAN." Oblivion was the first ES I had ever played and I actually never had a clue the series existed (except Daggerfall but back then, Daggerfall was Daggerfall and not the ES in my eyes) until then. Would still be my favorite if I never went back in time and played Morrowind. I loved the beautiful, fantasy looking world and the graphics were to die for at the time. Just really hated that scaling system. And the ending of the main quest? Yea.. you were just kinda there. And my spears, WHERE ARE MY SPEARS AND CROSSBOWS? They took away some of my armor pieces too? :/ Why are all of these dungeons SOOOOO easy? Where did all of my skills go? Agh oh well. At least I got Mehrunes (sp?) Razor. And Wabbajack :3 Anddd of course my favorite DLC of any Bethesda title thus far with the madman himself. Shivering-****ing-Isles. Oblivion took my ups and downs but it was also the first ES I really got into so + points all around. 


Skyrim. Okay, now ugh.. here's my conflict. I LOVE Skyrim. Picked it up on day one and lost yet even more girlfriends. I've ran multiple characters under multiple different play styles and never really got bored until one day I had realized that.. well quests aren't quests and object aren't hidden if I telepathically knew where 'magical orbstone of fiery blood fang' was 50 miles that-a-way. Of course, Oblivion did this too but this was before I had played Morrowind and I feel like I needed that little hand holding to truely easy me into the ES series. Skyrim was beautiful, a beautiful, beautiful world. I never got tired of climbing ever mountain I seen just to be butt****** to death by a monster big balled dragon. I just kinda felt like most quests were tacked on by multitude instead of quality. And removing tagged skills really, really irked me into thinking they were doping their selves up to much and really needed to stop coming up with ideas that moved away from the ES series. My spears, WHERE ARE MY SPEARS? WHERE DID MY CROSSBOWS GO? But oooooh, a beautiful butterfly that I can put in a jar should make me forget about 'dem damned spears and Xbows. But after a while, they just never did. After the novelty wore off I really started to become bored of Skyrim and after realizing that my actions were doing nothing to the world around me, I kinda just felt like it was becoming more of an Action RPG instead of the normally used Skillset RPG. I really didn't care about marrying anyone either, I would have rather had my leggings, pauldrons and all the other nifty armor pieces back. They scaled down to much for me and openly added stuff that I really wasn't interested in. Still a wonderful game though that I would recommend to anyone who like simple open world RPGs.  


All in all I'd obviously choose Morrowind as my favorite. Oblivion would fall in second with Skyrim just slightly behind it. Sadly I wish I could rank Daggerfall and Arena but not enough experience to place it. 


tl/dr MORROWIND. <333



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#2 Dacar92


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Posted 01 November 2013 - 08:40 PM

I think I could have written that post.  It seems like I put months of hours into Morrowind.  Then seems like the same in Oblivion but probably not as much as MW.  My 2 kids also got hooked on Oblivion.  Skyrim is fun too but I do not like it as much as the other two.  Arena and Daggerfall I have not experienced at all, although I think I have them somewhere.  Certainly the story in MW is far superior.  Oblivion's ain't bad, but Morrowind is tops as far as story is concerned. 


Gameplay?  Two completely different experiences.  The inventory and quest log in MW are clunky.  Battle in MW is not bad though.  The fast travel or Mark/Recall in MW is also a bit clunky.  But it is as primitive as the game.  Fast travel in OB felt like cheating but I did it anyway.  :)  Gameplay?  Oblivion wins here.


Athmosphere?  MW wins by far.  The weird buildings in some towns, the guards who called you "scum" and the weather were so immersive.  I get lost in MW in 2 ways.  Both in immersive story and also in location.  Can't get lost in OB or Skyrim.  Best athmosphere?  MW by far.


Main quests?  All three are a bunch of fun.  MW is long.  It takes real time to travel places.  Immersive?  There I go again with that word.  Yes it is addictively immersive.  OB's main quest is also very fun.  Lots of good battles.  Not as long as MW's but loads of fun.  Skyrim is also fun but comes in third in this.  My favorite main quest?  Probably have to go with MW.


Side quests?  Lots in all three games.  Fighters Guilds, Mages Guilds, Morag Tong, Thieves Guild.  All of these were great fun in all three games.  There is no shortage of side questsw in all three games.  That's why the Skyrim Strategy guide is a full three inches thick.  But in this, I cannot give a clear winner.  Side quests are a tie.


Expansions?  MW has 2 full expansions.  OB has a bunch of little content, a small expansion and a large expansion.  Skyrim has 3 good expansions. Dragonborn is awesome!  Going to Solthsteim was a walk down memory lane.  It was great.  Winner for expansions is probably Skyrim.


Title and incidental music?  MW music is wonderful.  The opening music is some of the best, most enthralling opening music in any game ever.  Incidental music is part of the atmosphere.  Oblivions opening music is less memorable but still pretty good.  Skyrim music is not bad but far less memorable. 


I think MW has to be my favorite.  I played these in order they were released.  I got hooked on MW in about 5 minutes after it was released.  It was the first game I bought on release day.  It took me away from Diablo 2 for quite a while.  When Oblivion came out I also bought it on release day.   Same with Skyrim.  But MW holds a special place in my heart for the reasons noted above.  Music, athmosphere, primitive gameplay, great quests, an awesome story and tons of fan made mods.  No Cliff Racers has to be the best!  Also the Sound and Graphics mod (MSGO) which attempted to take the graphics to a more modern day look. 


Thanks for posting this.  I am going to play some MW now.


And to edit for one last thing, The Thieves Guild questline in Oblivion was probably the most fun I have had with a major questline in any game.  The ending is epic and not easy.  Have fun!

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What's the point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes? -- The Doctor

#3 KUPOkinz

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Posted 09 November 2013 - 08:26 PM

Sorry for the long time no see on my topic but I fully agree with you! Morrowind forever! I really disliked the menu system in MW and LOVED Oblivions. Skyrims was.. eh, in between. Seemed too different.


I actually enjoyed the side quests in Oblivion. Same with Morrowind and Skyrim. Skyrim.. slightly less due to the go here, go there and kill him/her SMOKECRACKSMOKEMOARCRACK tedious repeating quests. I don't know where the crack thing came from (my BF2 clan name xD) but all I ever felt like I was doing in that game was being everyone's b**** and not the ultimate Dragonborn I was clamed to be. In Oblivion, I always felt like the quests differentiated themselves more than any other ES game. I rarely recall the same based quests. And the guilds (imo) were slightly better and more varied. Of course, Morrowind takes the guild quests for me as there are multitudes of different guilds. Skyrims fail me.. terribly for guilds. 3 quests in, a few kills here and there and a lot of **** sucking for the head masters allows me to become the leader of the guild! And all I had to do was fiddle with a few guys johnsons and kill a couple of their enemies. I can clearly recall how hard it was to become head of a guild in Morrowind (even if some of the quests were like.. nothing to do with the guild) there were so many more quests and skill requirements before you could ever advance in the first place. I think I did 3 quests in Skyrim's Mage's Guild and I became ArchMage! 8===D sucking all around! 




I've actually picked up my copy of Skyrim and played it last week. I've been playing once every couple of days now for an hour or so just easing my way back in and trying to find out what had hooked me from the beginning but I am having trouble moving on for the 2nd time :/ Every single cave I find MIGHT give me a sword one level above the current sword I have so long as I kill the 400 easy as **** bandits and slaughter righteously the living dead. Mmm but at the end.. I get a glass sword! Yayyy! +1 more damage than my previous blade. I really, really miss being able to find hand picked swords with enchantments and such.


Like last night I was playing MW and got a ****ing DREMORA BOW! Or Daedric bow, I forgot which one. But it was like +20 more damage than my previous bow and I'm only like level 7 or 8. I wouldn't even think about dreaming of ever owning this bow on my current playthru of Skyrim until about another 50 levels. Oblivion suffered from this too just not really as bad. There WAS handpicked static items scattered across the world in Oblivion, just very rarely and most of the time no matter what kind of weapon it was, the damage was usually scaled to your level anyways. Please... pretty friggin' please with bananas and a lot of twat on top, GIVE ME ELDERSCROLLS VI WITH WHAT I WANT! The argument is futile when they take out xBows and spears, throwing stars and pretty much every useful skill. No one would complain for more weapons and armor, no? I know I sure wouldn't.


I hate using the word dubbing or dumbing down but honestly, I feel the series is moving in a streamlined fashion and is not looking at their dire ES's fans as much as they are glaring at the people who have never played. The human lifespan is like 70+ years on average, US OLD FANS HAVE NOT DIED AND FORGOTEN YET BETHESDA.


Here goes to skipping tES:Online as well. Looks like Skyrim with MMO qualities. And I don't want an MMO. You new skoolerz might, but I for one want to remain in my single player world where all my friends are really NPC bullet sponges who I can equip with w/e I want them to have and not some Indian fellow from the Netherlands who's playing as a busty high elf lady-ma-jig. Minus the adoring fan anyways lawlz. I pushed him off the tallest mountain in Cyrodiil (sp?) and HE CAME BACK TO HAUNT ME WITH VENGEANCE.. and be my biggest fan! 


Ahh. Here I sit. I feel like with my latest rant I just pushed myself away from Skyrim. :( 


I also kinda contradicted my topic with the flaming thing as rereading what I've wrote thus far, it seems as if I hate Skyrim. Yet that's not the case. It's just that I'm highly disappointed as I keep playing back what they've changed over the years and it saddens me. Nowhere along the lines did I ever say I hated Skyrim. I just said it comes in third place slightly behind Oblivion and it is still a wonderful game on its own. I can see how someone who has never played an ES game and came in at Skyrim could say best game evaaar. But being as I went back in time after Oblivion and have an open mind to play dated games.. I can't understand what made them diminish the stuff we new and loved.


But alas I end my well wrote (or too much worded) rant/topic and I'm gonna go try and play Skyrim again. Scaled levels and +1 swords, here I come! 

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