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halo 3

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Posted 20 September 2005 - 08:33 AM

i found this on a fan boys site but its still very interesting.

oh yeah theres loads of it.

A hologram appeared showing 7 rings in a circle formation. A red signature appeared, pointing at one of the small rings. That ring was probably Installation 04 which was destroyed by the Master chief.

“What is it?” Commander Keyes asked. “A beacon.” 343 Guilty Spark simply answered.

“What’s it doing” Keyes asked more firmly. “Communicating, at super-luminal speeds with the frequency of...”

“Communicating with what?” Keyes cut him short.

“The other installations” the Monitor always seemed to answer in simple short answers or in long detailed explanations, both of them annoyed Commander Miranda Keyes greatly.

“Show me” she said.

“Failsafe-protocol, in the event of unexpected shutdown the entire system will move to standby-status, all remaining platforms are now ready for remote-activation.” The Monitor seemed to enjoy the questions.

“Remote- activation? From here?” the Commander did not understand what the little blue ball just said. She did not understand anything of the rings except that they should not be activated, in fact: they should never have been built. She wondered since her arrival at Delta Halo why these rings had been built in the first place, she found out the hard way at the Library when she tried to retrieve the Index.

“Don’t be ridiculous” the Monitor was amused by the lack of understanding on the female human’s part.

But now Sergeant A.J Johnson, who had stood quietly on the side-line all the time, seemed to get pretty annoyed. “Listen tinker bell don’t make me...” the Commander cut him short with a hand on the shoulder,

“Then where, where would someone go to activate the other rings?” This time the Monitor seemed surprised by the question, surprised that the humans did not know, a short pause followed, but then it answered as if the answer should have been obvious:

“Why the Ark, of course.” Then the large Elite in the strange armor stepped forward and asked:

“And where Oracle, is that.”

The cracking sound in his com ended and John-117 heard a voice say:

“We’ve got a new contact, unknown classification.”

Then he recognized the voice of Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood “it isn’t one of ours, take it out.”

John knew he had to respond or else the Forerunner ship carrying the Prophet of Truth and him would be destroyed by a MAC gun.

“This is Spartan-117, can anybody hear me, over.”

On the bridge of the Cairo Super MAC Station stood a surprised Admiral Hood; surprised to hear the Spartan’s voice. He quickly ordered an officer who was clearly just as surprised as him to cancel all firing on the strange triangle-shaped ship.

“Master Chief? You mind telling me what you’re doing on that ship?”

Chapter 1: Alliances formed.

“Sir, finishing this fight.” Hood could not suppress a smile; this was a typical Spartan answer, “Please add more details.”

John briefly began to explain the situation he was in: on the Covenant flag-ship together with the last Prophet, without a weapon or grenades.

“I understand” Hood responded “give me 5 minutes to collect some data, then you will get your new orders.”

“Understood” John responded shortly, but greatly relieved that he would get a moment of reprieve.

He hated being somewhere silent; and this small place was silent; he missed Cortana’s voice, she always had something to say, useful or not.

He had found it terrible to leave her at the Covenant holy city of High Charity. Leaving her at the mercy of Gravemind and the Flood. He now realized how much he had always relied on her assistance; always giving him tactical information, even when John was still trying to kill an Elite that took a shot at him. Always giving him new objectives while he was being shot at by a Hunter. This always greatly annoyed him, but now that she wasn’t here...

He started to observe the small space he was sitting in; an oval-shaped space with the hatch he used to enter the Forerunner ship on his left. And a brightly illuminated hatch on the right, which would go into the ship.

He hoped that no Covenant would enter this room; the prospects of fighting a Jackal or Drone with his bare fists would certainly alarm the entire ship, not to mention of what he would look like if a couple of Brutes would come walking in; fighting a pair of Brutes with bare fists was suicide, even for a Spartan and John knew it.

He closed his eyes getting as much rest as he could before the Admiral would call him and say that he would have to move into the ship to eliminate the Prophet of Truth; John knew he would.

After 5 minutes the voice of Admiral Hood sounded in John’s com again;

“Master Chief, I have a new mission for you.” John waited for the Admiral to tell him what to do. “You will move into the ship to eliminate the Prophet of Truth, I will try to get you some assistance by keeping them busy with Longswords but the rest is up to you.”

John knew that the Admiral would tell him that this would be his mission but still it came as a shock to know that he would have to eliminate a small weak creature in a throne with an energy shield, guarded by hundreds and hundreds of Brutes, Jackals and Drones. Although is was good to know that they would be distracted (a little) by the brave pilots in the Longswords trying to make them blind for the Spartan that was aboard their ship.

“Good luck, Master Chief, Hood out.” This would be the last contact he would have with a Human for a long time. Maybe forever...

He opened the hatch that would lead into the ships many corridors, he stepped in and quietly closed the hatch behind him; he now officially began his last mission.

Johnson and Keyes both looked around to the Elite that had asked the question.

“I’m sorry, I cannot answer this question; protocol does not allow me to give the exact location of the Ark.”

“You miserable motherf...” Johnson began. “Human!” the Arbiter said angrily. Johnson looked around.

“I will not allow you to talk to the Oracle so disrespectful!” he said with clenched fists. Every Elite that stood on the platform where the Arbiter had cut Tartarus in half now stood threateningly close to the two Humans who stood rather insignificant between all those tall Elites.

“Oracle my ass!” Johnson almost shouted towards the Arbiter who now took out the Energy Sword that was tucked into his belt.

Johnson noticed this movement and decided to calm down a bit.

“I am just saying; this Monitor has brought us nothing but trouble, I suggest we hack his database and take the information we need.”

If Johnson wanted to calm down the Elites, he was doing it the wrong way. Some Elites snarled and two even activated their Energy Swords, waiting for a sign from the Arbiter to slice the disrespectful Human in half. Things could have gotten very bad if Miranda Keyes didn’t bravely held up her hand and pushed the Arbiter back softly.

“You must understand, she was talking directly towards the Arbiter now, “we do not wish to insult your Oracle.”

She paused a moment while she was carefully choosing her words, “But our planet is under attack by the Prophet of Truth... the one that betrayed you, she added, trying to hold the Arbiter’s attention, “as we speak.”

“And we wish to get back there as soon as possible to help our people defend... Earth.”

The Arbiter seemed to be calm again and started talking now “and what would you do, Human, when you would arrive at your planet. His voice was crawling with sarcasm, “would you swim through cold space towards the Prophet’s vessel? Scratch it open and defeat all his Brutes with you bare hands?”

The Arbiter paused to let his words impact the minds of Johnson and Keyes, then continued; “I suggest you listen, first we will leave this room and then we will join with Lad ‘Inomee who has taken a cruiser.”

“We will use this cruiser to reach the holy city of High Charity to gather as much Sangheili, Unngoy and Lekgolo as we can. We will also see if there are more ships at High Charity, if so, we will take those as well.”

“What of the Humans?” an Elite with a golden armor asked.

The Arbiter looked at Keyes and Johnson for a second then he clearly stated: “The Humans will come with us.”

The other Elites looked like they wanted to protest but the Arbiter held so much status within their ranks that they found it wiser to remain silent.

“What will be my task in all of this?” the Monitor asked.

“You can come with us or stay here, Holy Oracle, I do not possess the power to tell you what to do” the Arbiter said to 343 Guilty Spark with a slight bow.

“I am created to serve... I will come with you then. I will answer any other questions as well as I can and I would prefer you calling me ‘the Monitor” Guilty Spark did not like to have authority for he was not designed to, but the society these ‘Covenant’ live in intrigued him and he wanted to stay with them longer so he could study them.

He also wanted to go because this would make sure he would not be captured by Gravemind. The prospects of working for the leader of the Flood did not sound appealing to the little Monitor, who had created a personality of his own while working on Installations 04 and 05.

The small group of Elites, Humans and Guilty Spark now stood right outside the main entrance. In the distance they saw the Phantoms that Lad ‘Inomee had sent to pick them up.


Damn was what John first thought when he had entered the ship; the corridors seemed like they were made to confuse the visitor that entered them. And confusing they were to John, they reminded him of the corridors he walked through on Installation 04 when he tried to get to it’s control room.

He was walking for only ten minutes but it felt like he was there for days. He looked out of one of the small windows in the walls of the Forerunner ship. Thousands of Covenant Capitol Ships unleashed there deadly streams of plasma against the tens of thousands of UNSC ships that were desperately trying to keep the Covenant fleet at bay, keeping them from taking aim at the Super MAC stations. It was obvious that the Covenant were eager to destroy the MAC stations because every now and then a MAC round would penetrate one of the massive Covenant ships leaving it to float dead in space with a gaping hole in it’s hull.

But the losses on the side of the UNSC were much more significant; not a second went by without a UNSC Cruiser or Frigate shining brightly as it’s fusion core exploded.

Images of Reach flashed through John’s mind as he saw the ships explode, shining brighter than the sun.

A sound in the corridor snapped him back to attention and he looked at the far end to see what made the noise.

Two Brute captains walked down the corridor talking vigorously about the ongoing civil war between the Covenant.

On one side there were the Unngoy and the Lekgolo that were led by the Sangheili. On the other side there were the Jiralhanae, Kig-Yar and the Yanme’e led by the Prophets.

They did not notice John standing in the shadow of one of the pillars in the centre of the corridor.

They walked by and John acted fast, he took of the helmet of the left Brute and before it could react it lied on the ground with a cracked skull. The second had enough time to turn around only to find an armored fist buried deep in it’s face. John was glad that he managed to pull of a surprise attack, else he would surely have been killed by the Brutes. He picked up their bodies and lay them on the floor in the shadow. He took their plasma grenades, a Brute plasma rifle and a Brute Shot, he checked the amount of grenades and found out that the Brute carried over 20 grenades which was quite a lot. “I’ll be able to hold out for a while with this” John thought.

Suddenly the ship shook and a voice shouted that Engineers had to go to deck two to repair hull fractures.

Probably the Longswords that Hood sent to distract Truth John thought. It was a relief to know that he was not standing alone in his fight aboard the Forerunner ship.

John had the feeling that he was getting close to the bridge because the security had increased and the corridors widened, and held more, bigger windows. This was not a relief because now, every time he looked to his right he saw the explosions of UNSC ships. But something caught his attention then: the amount of MAC Stations had not diminished since he left. It even looked like it had increased. When he left for Delta Halo there were 298 MAC stations left. Now, the amount of MAC Stations seemed to have doubled, giving the Covenant a tough time.

John smiled, for the first time in the Covenant-Human war it seemed that the Humans were having the upper hand.

He walked on and saw a door with 10 Brute Honor Guards guarding it. He thought it to be wiser to turn around but when he did, he saw a patrol of 15 Brutes coming from that direction.


His mind raced, what should he do? If he would attack the Brutes guarding the door he would certainly be killed by the Brute patrol. If he attacked the Brute patrol he would certainly be killed by the guards standing in front of the entrance.

It was too late to think of a plan so he took out two plasma grenades and threw one in the middle of the guards and one in the middle of the patrol. After the plasma grenade that he had thrown to the guards exploded he jumped out and fired 4 grenades at the remaining (confused) guards. The he put a new belt of 4 grenades in his Brute Shot and fired at the patrol. He looked from on side to the other and found out that he had killed all the Brutes.

He took out a new belt of grenades and put them in his Brute Shot, then he slowly walked towards the door the Brutes had been guarding. When the door opened he saw a giant space with a large table in the middle, on the table was a holographic map. He was surprised to see that the table’s hologram showed 7 rings.

The room was empty except for some Engineers working on a holo-panel on the far-side of the room. As John expected they did not notice him.

Everything sounded quiet and John figured that he could just as well take a look at the map before he would go on. It seemed as if the Prophet of Truth always had an agenda of his own, hiding it from Mercy and Regret.

Right before he killed Regret, Cortana warned him that multiple waves of Covenant Phantoms were closing in on his position, at some point they turned around and he had always wondered why they did that. Now it seemed that Truth had given an order to turn the Phantoms around as if he wanted to have Regret in a body bag. And he left Mercy to an Infection Form of the Flood. He must have wanted to rule the Covenant on his own. But how did he get this map? It looked like there were seven Halo’s. But how could Truth know?

It seemed that the only way to get an answer to that was to ask Truth himself. And John did not like that idea.

He figured it was time to move on when an alarm sounded.

“The Demon is aboard our vessel! Honor Guards, move towards the bridge!” a heavy Brute voice shouted into the comm.-system.

Now isn’t that nice of them John said to himself

I’ll just follow the Honor Guards, then.

He took up his Brute Shot and moved towards the other end of the room, there was another door. It slid open softly and John quickly moved through.

Now he stood in a long white illuminated hallway. It was completely empty except some Engineers working on the walls, probably trying to keep the light from flickering. He moved through the hallway double-time, ignoring the Engineers, and they would ignore him. Engineers always focused on their work and never seemed to give any living creature attention.

“How could this happen!” Truth shouted towards the Brute commander lying in front of him. “I do not know

Holy One” it mumbled underneath it’s great hairy arms. “All I know is that 27 of my Brutes are found dead on the lower decks.

“Send in Drones to scout the perimeter! I do not wish to have the Demon here on the bridge! The Demon got close to me once and if it happens to me again I will have your head!” Truth was both furious and frightened. How could the Demon have gotten aboard his ship? The parasite should have dealt with him. Of course it was not sure that is was the Demon, but whom else could have killed 27 Brutes?

“How is the battle against the Humans going?” he asked a Brute near the main communication panel.

“Not good Holy One, the Humans seem to have increased the number of stations that were far less in number when the Prophet of Regret arrived” it said with a frightened voice; nobody liked to bring the Prophet of Truth bad news.

“What are our losses” Truth asked scratching his chin. “We have lost 137 ships, Holy One. Including our new heavy-armed vessel Rightful Punishment and the stealth cruiser Shielded Wisdom.”

Truth did not like the sound of this battle; he had sent a small fleet with the newest upgraded ships to give his warriors confidence but the reports of losing two of them was giving the Covenant morale a hard time; a lot of commanders began to doubt the oncoming battle when they saw that at least 500 MAC stations were now orbiting Earth instead of the 300 reported by the Prophet of Regret when he accidentally found the planet that turned out to be the Human’s home world.

And now the Demon was close, what did he do to the Gods to deserve this?

And the Demon was close indeed; John had managed to follow a group of Honor Guards who had complied to the order to assemble near the Bridge.

He was preparing to attack the bridge when suddenly the ship started shaking violently; the ship’s shields had depleted leaving it extremely vulnerable for ASGM missiles that had been fired by the Longsword-squadron at the ship when it’s shields were still up. If one of the fighters fired a missile now it would bring great damage to the Forerunner ship; which would mean that John would be in a dire situation as well.

But John would not give up now, not while he was so close to the bridge. Dammit I wish they would stop firing! he thought, knowing that he was in greater danger then he was before the ship’s shields were down.

Lieutenant Thomas Northland sat in the small Covenant boarding-craft checking the ammo for his BR 55 Battle Rifle. He had checked it dozens of times but he was quite nervous knowing that they would penetrate the hull of the strange triangular Covenant flag-ship in a few minutes. He looked at his fellow ODST’s who had all volunteered for the mission to get the Spartan out of that ship alive before a MAC round would destroy it.

“What is it, Thomas, nervous?” Matthew Spears asked. Thomas smiled weakly at him; he and Matthew had been friends since their first day at training as ODST’s. “Nah, just making sure I have enough bullets to make a split-lip howl for his mommy.” Matthew laughed and put on his helmet, Thomas did the same and he prayed to god that they would not be shot down by a Seraph.

Fleet Admiral Sir Terrence Hood had ordered a group of ODST’s to take one of the Covenant boarding craft, that were still stuck in the Cairo, and get the Master Chief out of that ship. The Covenant flag-ship was making it’s way for Earth and Hood did not want to let any Covenant gain a foothold on Earth.

“Hold on! Were hitting the Covie ship in 5...” the pilot said steering the small boarding craft towards the large flag-ship as well as he could.

Thomas held tight to one of the small grips on the sides of the tube that would soon penetrate the Prophet’s ship...

John moved through the corridors as fast he could but they were getting really confusing now; he had just lost the group of Honor Guards. He turned left twice, then right, the left again and found out that he was crossing a couple of windows for the third time.

Suddenly the ship shook violently again and this time an alert sounded over the intercom: “We have boarders on deck three! Every warrior that is close to that position must move there at once!”

Those might be some allies John thought and he decided to move towards deck three.

20 Kig-Yar , Yan-me and Jiralhanae trained their weapons at the small balls of light that had appeared on the wall

of the Forerunner-ship and were now cutting a round hole in it’s hull. The piece of Forerunner alloy fell to the ground with a loud bang and three fragmentation grenades flew through the opening. When they exploded a voice from within the boarding craft shouted; “open fire!” and twelve Battle Rifles started firing at the remaining Covenant soldiers that tried to hold the boarders off.

Then one ODST jumped out of the craft, after making sure all enemies were dead, he waved his hand, then the other eleven got out as well.

“Garcia, Ince, Taylor, Pierce, Anderson, Lowell, Chaz secure the area! Carlson, Ripley, Mahoney, Spears and me will move towards the main corridor to find the Chief”

Thomas gave the orders as best and as fast as he could, knowing the Covenant would overwhelm them if they stayed here too long.

John now ran through the tunnels of deck three. He did not meet any resistance except a lonely Jackal which now lay on the floor with a cracked skull.

In the distance he heard shots; the sound of ten, no, 12 plasma rifles and 5 Battle Rifles. This meant Humans were on board the ship! He now ran as fast as he could and held out his Brute Shot in front of him. He turned right and saw five Orbital Drop Shock Troopers holding of seven Brute Honor Guards; five of the Brutes already lay in pools of purple blood. John quickly fired his Brute Shot at the Honor Guards and once they were dead he moved towards the ODST’s.

One of them moved towards him and saluted

“Sir, Lieutenant Northland, 174th ODST division, sir! We are here to take you out of the ship and bring you to Cairo Station, sir!”

Surprised as he was John saluted the ODST and said “what the hell are you talking about? My orders are to capture or kill the Prophet of Truth!”

The ODST seemed in a hurry and quickly began to explain what was going on “sir, this ship is headed straight towards Earth and Admiral Hood does not want the Covenant to gain foothold on the planet, sir. He wants to keep a tight net of ships and MAC Stations around Earth, sir!”


John thought about it for a second then said “very well, we’ll leave then.” They quickly moved out and headed straight towards the boarding craft, once they arrived the ODST that had talked to John immediately ordered to move out. Everyone got into the craft and the pilot closed the hatch in front of the tube and activated it’s force-field. A loud scratching noise sounded as the boarding craft’s tube began to pull out of the ship’s hull and once it broke free it immediately headed towards Earth.

John sat inside the ship waiting for someone to say anything but all remained quiet as the ship began to maneuver towards Cairo’s docking bay no. 4.

“Noble Prophet of Truth, four of the Human’s stations are aiming their cannons at our position! What should we do?” a tall Brute commander asked as it kneeled in front of the Prophet who was now quite angry.

“Is there no way to avoid there gunfire?” he asked calmly. The Brute remained silent for a second, then answered

“No Holy One, the Human’s fighters have brought damage to our propulsion system and we are only able to move on impulse engines at a very slow speed.”

Truth sat quietly in his chair, scratching his chin. The Demon had escaped the ship using one of his own Covenant boarding craft, which could only mean that the Humans meant to destroy this ship. He never thought he would ever do this but he had to withdraw his fleet, for now.

“Very well, input the coordinates I gave you earlier, take us to Slipspace and bring us to that exact position.”

The Brute seemed both astonished and relieved to leave the battle for Earth against the Humans but he relayed the orders to the pilots and the ship exited the Sol System.

Chapter 3: The Gathering

The Arbiter stood on the bridge of the cruiser Forgotten Hope, which was now using it’s communication stations to gather as much Sangheili ships as it could. Little over an hour ago they received word from the main Sangheili fleet that had reported that they were coming to join the Arbiter’s small fleet of 15 cruisers. The Arbiter was glad to know that the powerful fleet carrying most of his kin was safe. The main Sangheili fleet originally counted 5000 ships.

A number that had been reduced to 100 ships due to a surprise attack of Jiralhanae vessels.

They also lost a number of ships that were taken over by Jiralhanae right before the Covenant civil war began, but to know that his fleet would soon count 115 ships made the Arbiter feel quite relieved.

He now turned to his comm. Officer, “Have we received word from our search–team yet?” he asked, referring to the small group of SpecOps Sangheili and Unngoy led by Lad ‘Inomee, he had sent to look for any Sangheili, Lekgolo or Unngoy survivors on the Covenant holy city of High Charity.

“No Arbiter, but they did find a fairly undamaged cruiser; Lonely Predator, a heavily armed cruiser which was assumed to be lost to the Flood. But Commander Lad ‘Inomee did not encounter any sign of the parasite when he searched the ship.”

The Arbiter weighed the risks of taking a cruiser that had been Flood-controlled, and he soon came to the conclusion that the advantages of having such a strong vessel within his forces outweighed the risks, yet he saw no reason to take any unnecessary risks.

“Send in another search-team to scout the cruiser, if it is certain that the parasite has left the cruiser, we will add it to our ranks.”

“Yes, Arbiter.” The Elite at the comm. panel said, immediately starting to order another SpecOps team to leave for High Charity.

The once beautiful city of High Charity was transformed into a graveyard by the Flood. The beautiful alcoves in the walls were filled with the remains of exploded Flood carrier forms. And the long illuminated hallways were now broken in several places, the cracks filled with disgusting piles of Flood body parts.

Lad ‘Inomee’s team moved through the hallways fast, trying to remain unnoticed to any Flood forms present in the city.

“Leader, the Arbiter has sent in another search-team to scan Lonely Predator for any parasite activity” an Elite in a shiny black armor said.

“Very well, we will stay alert. If we receive word from the next team that they are being attacked by the parasite, we will immediately leave and destroy the city” Lad ‘Inomee did not like to be on this infested city with a large group of warriors; they would be noticed too easily.

They had entered the council room now and it smelled as if a thousand bodies had been rotting here for ages; the smell of the Flood.

“Search the room!” Lad ‘Inomee ordered; he wanted to leave as quickly as possible. Five Sangheili and three Unngoy made their way to a dark corner of the room because they saw something blinking.

But it was a small purple light on the other end of the room that had caught Lad ‘Inomee’s eye. He held out a plasma rifle in front of him and slowly started for the small light.

“Leader! Leader! We finding something!” a Grunt carrying a needler shouted across the room.

“Quiet, you fool!” Lad ‘Inomee said; the sudden amount of noise startled him.

“Me, sorry Leader... but we finding very interesting thing” the grunt said apologetically. The commander looked once more at the purple light, then followed the excited Grunt.

“What is it” he asked the Elite sitting near what looked like a Sangheili emergency communicator.

“An activated communication device, leader” the Elite had a deep voice which resonated against the walls of the giant chamber.

Lad ‘Inomee let out a relieved sigh; this meant that there was still a chance of finding a group of uninfected Sangheili. “We will follow the device’s signal and once we are sure that there is no other ally on High Charity we will leave, perhaps aboard Lonely Predator. His entire team was relieved for they knew that they would leave this cursed city soon.

Lad ‘ Inomee was so anxious to leave that he did not looked at the small pedestal where the purple light had been.

“Arbiter, the main Sangheili fleet has arrived and are hailing us” the comm. officer sounded happy when he announced the arrival of fleet commander Akl ‘Adonnae’s fleet.

“Good’ the Arbiter said “open a channel.”

The face of a Sangheili wearing a widely ornamented, golden armor appeared on the monitor on the far side of the bridge. “Greetings, Arbiter” Akl Adonnae said, addressing his words directly into the Arbiter’s face.

“My fleet is ready to slaughter any filthy Jiralhanae ship that crosses our path.”

The Arbiter smiled, Akl Adonnae had always hated Jiralhanae and he was happy that a good reason to slaughter them all had risen.

“Greetings, old friend, I am happy to see you with your head still between your shoulders” the Arbiter answered; they clearly knew each other already.

The Arbiter knew however, they had little time to spare and he could not waste it to bringing up memories

“I have sent in a group of my finest warriors to look for any ally survivors. If they are inside the city then we will find them. Once they are found we will destroy the city, killing all the parasite on it.”

Akl Adonnae was nodding absently while absorbing the news “you were never one to take risks, Arbiter.”

“If that were true then I would not be the Arbiter now” he answered grimly.

“I cannot believe my eyes, Toro Bulawee, how could you have remained alive?” Lad ‘Inomee asked astonished, watching his Academy companion.

“I am a strong fighter and you know it” Toro Bulawee answered with a smile “though, I must admit that the parasite’s combat forms are tougher than Humans.”

“What is our plan?” Bulawee asked activating his Energy Sword.

“Our plan is to link up with the team that was sent in to investigate the cruiser Lonely Predator, if we receive report that the cruiser is empty, then we shall leave with it” ‘Inomee answered more seriously.

“Then let us go, and make haste! The parasite knows we are here” Bulawee said, starting for the entrance of the small hall he had been hiding before ‘Inomee had found him.

“Wait! How could they know we are here?” Lad ‘Inomee asked nervously “we were very quiet.”

“Well, not quiet enough, I can smell them” Bulawee said, now running towards the chamber entrance. The doors slid open and in the opening stood a large brown creature with tentacles sprouting from it’s chest.

“By the Rings! The parasite is upon us! Lad ‘Inomee yelled drawing two plasma rifles “run towards the docking bays!”

Suddenly a loud high scream split the air and tens of Flood Infection Forms began to pour out of the door.

The first combat form that had appeared was now laying on the ground, cut in two by Toro Bulawee’s mighty sword. The Sangheili stepped out of the way to let his companions open fire at the parasite; he knew his sword would have little effect against the small Infection Forms.
some one also said this afterwards.

the story of halo 3 is that the "ARK" is on earth somewhere in egypt and that trianguluar ship is the key to finding it i think that regret came to earth hoping to find a ring using a set of coordinates he found in the ruins of a destroyed facility on a distant planet the coordinates told of a important planet to the forerunners, earth.think about it ARK: what was noahs ark designed to do protect all life from the FLOOD. the forerunners knew they were going to die at the hands of the flood that were over-running their worlds. they built the installations as a fail-safe so the flood dont destroy the entire galaxy. think why would a sentient speices kill themselves? they sent A single ship to earth and colonized it and made sure the colonists kne nothing.start over they activated the rings and destroyed the flood as well as billions of others that werent involved in the conflict. so the humans ARE the forerunners.why do you think that every time a monitor sees a human it calls them a reclaimer. it all makes sense.
If the universe is ever expanding, what are we expanding into?

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#2 conk

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Posted 21 September 2005 - 02:21 AM

also here is the forum where i got it from in the first place that i forgot to mention in the above post.
If the universe is ever expanding, what are we expanding into?

#3 Wizdabest


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Posted 21 September 2005 - 12:44 PM

Now, I would be confused to know how Keyes is there, unless that is talking about his daughter or whatever from Halo 2 (Haven't really played through Halo 2, nor cared enough to even want to play through halo 2)

eh, didn't read it all anyway, it'll be interesting to see a halo 3, but I doubt I'd ever own it, unless they come out on pc like the first one did.

#4 conk

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Posted 21 September 2005 - 04:23 PM

yes its his daughter miranda keyes she stops halo from destroying life by removing the index stopping the countdown.

halo 2 should be on pc its not fair.
If the universe is ever expanding, what are we expanding into?

#5 Lanscader


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Posted 21 September 2005 - 05:58 PM

I figure the events that lead to the first activation of Halo is supposed to be what became the stories of the Bible. Where else do you find Halos, the number 7, flood, and an arc that saves people from the flood in one place?

Also, the "Oracles" (a.k.a. 343 Guilty Spark) look like they have a halo around them when the light flashes, and they fly.

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#6 conk

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Posted 21 September 2005 - 06:14 PM

i know about the halo flood and ark bit but what is in the bible about the number 7?

also i have a different story on my cpu thats not nerly as realistic as this, this one makes sense the other one doesnt (i cant put it up because i cant find the forum it was from :thumbsup: ) but a long story short the halos are from the future humans that were called the forerunners and were sent back in time to save the humans from near exctinction fromthe covenant but the covenenat found some markings with the story of halo and it became their religion and because of this they were stronger and the combined power of the halos and the covenant the flood (as a counter balance) were made by a random event to restore order to the universe so the fore runners made the halos a weapon to kill the flood and right their wrong.

but there are several problems with this where is the arbiter and if the halos were made to kill the flood why did 343 guilty spark say that the rings were made to house and study the flood? what do you think.

i think the 1st story makes more sense and would translate well into a game.
If the universe is ever expanding, what are we expanding into?

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Posted 22 September 2005 - 09:39 AM

The mystical qualities of the number 7 is shared by many ancient civilisations, and there are also variants on the Flood stories (for example, the Epic of Gilgamesh):

For those curious, but not academically ready for a close translation, there is this animated version:


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Posted 22 September 2005 - 09:33 PM

I believe 7 is the number of divine completion (7 days in creation, among others I can't remember). I know 40 and any multiple of three are also archetypal numbers, though I forgot exactly what they mean.

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Posted 22 September 2005 - 10:48 PM

Seven wonders of the ancient world.
Seven seas.
Seven Samurai.
Seven days of the week.
Seven Against Thebes
Seven Graces
Seven cardinal sins
Seven last words
Seven liberal arts
Seven sages
Seven senses
Seventh heaven
Seven year itch
Seven Year's War


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Posted 23 September 2005 - 09:28 PM

wow i need to brush up on my R.E, who ever said games werent educational :thumbsup:
If the universe is ever expanding, what are we expanding into?

#11 Mr Alpha

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Posted 24 September 2005 - 02:44 PM

wow i need to brush up on my R.E, who ever said games werent educational :thumbsup:

Not only that, but I've heard RPG's are supposed to build character. :flowers:
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Posted 24 September 2005 - 03:00 PM

wow i need to brush up on my R.E, who ever said games werent educational :thumbsup:

Not only that, but I've heard RPG's are supposed to build character. :flowers:

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