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As a beginner, what should I need to notice in wow ?

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#1 Sebastianbaby


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Posted 27 April 2009 - 12:36 AM

As a beginner, what should I need to notice in wow ?

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#2 Stofzuiger


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Posted 27 April 2009 - 04:01 AM

When playing WoW, you should use the tips displayed, these helped me to get the hang of it when i began. Also this sort of guide shows you the beginnings of WoW.

If you're familair with MMORPG's (massive, multiplayer online roleplaying game) you might not need these tips and guides, as everything is pretty selfexplaining (it was for me atleast).

Every one goes fun fun fun

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#3 jgweed


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Posted 28 April 2009 - 09:25 AM

The on-line WoW game guide is a good place to start. Begin with "getting started":
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#4 Hertsky


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Posted 29 April 2009 - 02:57 AM

First and foremost, Welcome to BleepingComputer!

Theres alot in WoW to learn about, which alot of it is learned over timed.

A thing to know is quests are a perfect way to leveling up, gaining that next level, but where to quest is different. Finding a map with the level ranges for WoW can help where to quest, entering a zone level 20-30, best to enter around 22-28, or midway or so.

Getting to know your class is great, which stats and gear you want. Hunters like agility, while mages love intellect. Stamina is somewhat a base stat, which pretty much means almost every item has Stamina. There are higher level items that will have a mix of stats but no stamina, those items can be very useful too.

Knowing to save your money, and use the Auction House is great. You need roughly 38Gold at level 30 to get your first mount, and roughly 570Gold at level 60 to get your epic mount. (Your level 30 mount is 60%+ Speed increase while your Epic mount is a 100%+ Speed increase)

*Remember, everything has a value*

Learn professions at a low level (12-20). But not blacksmithing and engineering! It is best to start out with gathering professions! Making good money as you level with these! You can only have a maximum of 2 Primary Professions (Which exclude Fishing, cooking and First Aid, these are secondary, you can learn all 3). The 3 Gathering professions are Skinning, Herbalism, and Mining. I find Mining and Herbalism make the best money while leveling, because one stack(20) of heavy leather might be worth 5Gold on the Auction House, while one stack of Iron or Mithril ore might be worth 15-30g. Gathering professions helped me get my mounts when I first started out WoW as well. I made over 500Gold from herbalism before level 50 on one of my characters.

Learn your new abilities! Go to Class trainers in Major Citys, which are Alliance: Ironforge, Stormwind, Exodar, Darnassus. And Horde: Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluffs, Undercity, Silvermoon City.
But not all Major Citys can train your class, some Major citys have different class trainers, so find where your class trainer is!
Ask city guards to help find your way around. Ask them what you are looking for, then check your map and look for a red flag, most of the times should point you to your destination. Read what they say too, you could be looking for a Hunter trainer in Stormwind, and the guard will tell you to go to Ironforge or Darnassus.

Save money for class trainers, gathering professions while leveling can help you get your abilities, gear, mounts, food, Bags for more storage on the go.

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#5 RingBearer


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Posted 01 May 2009 - 09:40 AM

I'm a beginner too, (1 month now). But here are a couple of tips.

1. I don't go into new quests blindly, I read the quest discussion on WoW forums sites first, Here's one example. The discussion usually gives you map coordinates and hints, what to do and not to do. As well as what to expect from enemies - Respawn rates, levels, behavior, any bugs.

My link above gives the entire quest package in order, xP , rewards and gold to expect, and lots of tips on how to complete the quests. Make sure you do this particular quest BTW as it ends with a spectacular fight with a great monster - Tethyr - right out in middle of the town - all the other players hanging around in town jumped in on the fight, which was a huge battle. Cool.

2. Keep a low level character near an auction house and mail your loot to him. His only job is to auction off your stuff for lots of gold saving you from having to get to an auction house. I keep a cute level 4 gnome in Ironforge,

3. Find out where the flight paths are and get them as soon as you can from the flight masters. These are cheap to use and will save you lots of long overland runs through hostile lands. Heres' a nice list of Alliance FP's in Kalimdor . Plus you get a birds eye preview of hostile lands you'll eventually been travelling in.

4. I use the time when dead to learn complicated routes within quests, within dungeons, inside ships, buildings, fortresses. Sometimes I just practice how to get out quickly. Some of the quests are deep within mazes so you get lost when fighting to get in. Impossible sometimes to find your way out - forcing use of the hearthstone.

#6 zequeins


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Posted 01 May 2009 - 10:33 AM

Welcome to Bleepingcomputer, AND WoW!

Well, I will just assume that you are familiar with MMORPGs in general, so I'll cut to the chase, into the more noticable traits of WoW:

1. This is NOT an Asian MMORPG, do NOT expect to kill the mobs in one hit unless you are overleveled. It may sound racist, but it's the truth I (and my friend) have noticed from playing MMORPGs in the past. Asian MMORPG characters tend to possess awesome firepower (especially caster classes) that can pulverize mobs in 2-3 seconds. Not gonna happen here. If you're evenly matched, the most damage you are able to put to a mob in a single blow (with the best gears available) is probably around 30%-45% of the mob's total hp, and that's if you got a maximum damage critical with your hardest hitter. This makes grinding a rather inefficient way of levelling, but instead Questing is a valid way to level, and it's less boring than grinding! :thumbsup:

2. Where point 1 is true in the case of AI-controlled mobs, it is especially true in the case of Player vs. Player. Again, this is not an Asian MMORPG, where I have been ganked, mowed down, steamrolled, and trampled within 3 seconds by my opponent. Many, if not all characters have a 'panic button' that can quickly turn the tide of battle if executed in the right moment. Depending on who and what you are fighting, attrition can actually be a valid tactic instead of quickly throwing all you've got to your enemy while he soak up all the damage with one of his panic buttons (*cough*Paladins*cough*Warriors*cough*), leaving you without any Aces left and with your enemy only using up one of his Aces. Be patient - I know of a case where it was a 2 on 2 fight in Arena mode, and it actually lasted for 45 minutes.

3. If you see an enemy with a dragon around its portrait, with an (Elite) word in its name, I personally won't suggest you to take it down alone. Elite mobs are considerably tougher than their normal counterpart, and some are tough enough to require 5 or more players to take it down. Dungeons are mostly populated by such mobs, and you will most probably need a party to work together and bring them down. I know for a fact that most Dungeon Elite mobs are tough enough to win a one-on-one fight against most players, and some Dungeons are challenging enough to have 7 such mobs to deal with while the maximum number of party members are only 5. However, teamwork trumps above everything.

4. Level makes a LOT of difference in this game. You WILL find mobs that are 3 levels higher than you (the 'safe' level being 2 levels higher) considerably tougher to take down, especially if you are a caster class. Players are also considerably tougher, but not as much as mobs, and it is not unheard to take down players 3-5 levels higher than your own. More of this mechanic in WoWwiki (see #10).

5. Another common mistake I've noticed that still happens even to the best of us is Raid Group, which are "A party of parties". Raid groups can go up to 40 players (back then the standard number of people needed to bring down certain Bosses), but as long as you are in a Raid group, you will not be able to complete Quests other than the ones marked as (Raid). For instance, if you are required to kill a mob named "Alex" for a non-Raid quest but you are in a Raid group for whatever reason, the quest would remain unfinished even if you have completed the objective. The same is true if the quest requires you to collect a certain amount of items from certain type of mobs - those items will never drop. You will need to leave the Raid before you are able to complete said quests. Contrary to what I have said, a few exceptions to the rule do exist, but they're very rare, I won't bother listing them here.

6. Gold is not everything, but you will need to have a certain amount of steady income of Gold at your disposal, primarily for Repairs. This is probably the most important use of Gold in the game. A close second would be Talent respec(ialization), but if you are comfortable with your current Talents, then you can cross this one. The most useless use of Gold is probably for vanity items (but they're good for business, I've made tons out of it).

7. Gear is not everything. The best gears actually won't need you to spend even a single Gold to actually get it (not the process of getting it), save for Repairs. Above all, teamwork and skill trumps over gears and Gold. Still, there are a lot of other players who are gear-oriented enough that they would refuse "undergeared" players (though in truth, said players are "just enough geared", and the ones asking are "overgeared"). Don't be discouraged; try to build up friendship with other players, try to do dungeon runs together, learn your class. If you perform good enough, it is not unheard for them to re-invite you to join their dungeon runs. I know because back during Burning Crusade, I was considered one of the best tanks in my old server, and it's rare that people would not want to group with me again after one time of dungeon run. And even when I've started in a new server (with sub-par gear compared to my old character), I've showed again to others that skill trumps over gear.

8. Gold making. There are several ways to make gold:
  • Some mobs drop gold, and those who don't might drop useless items that can be sold to NPC vendors. As long as the item name is in gray, you can safely sell it to NPCs. These might not value much, but they can and will add up in the long run.
  • There are Daily Quests you can do repeatedly for the gold (and Exp, if you are not max level) reward. You can only do 25 of these a day (that is, until the timer resets), but there are a lot of them with the Lich King update.
  • Use your Tradeskills/Professions! They are not there only to add utility to your character, they are veritable gold mines! My personal favorite is Alchemy/Herbalism, it may not make THAT much Gold, but it is cheap enough to master, and Potions WILL save your life at certain points, thus saving Gold in the long run. With the advent of Inscription, the Herbs collected for the profession can fetch quite a price in the Auction House as well. Even better money makers are Jewelcrafting and Enchanting, but they might get a bit expensive to master (more about Enchanting later). Mining is a good Gathering Profession for Gold, and choosing Mining/Skinning would allow you to gather tons of raw materials to sell later in the Auction House (or NPCs for Skinning), but it does leave you with no 'production' skill. Tailoring may be a bit tedious to master, but certain products can fetch quite a nice price as well. I personally would not recommend Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, or Engineering for pure profit, but these Professions will give your character an extra edge in combat more than the others. The worst combination for profit is probably Enchanting/Tailoring (and any combination of 2 production skills, making the need to buy raw materials in the Auction House, or using alternative characters); I don't know, when I did that, I was dirt poor - perhaps you can do better than I did.
  • Enchanting skill would give you a skill called "Disenchant", where it basically destroys a magical item for its essence, which then can be used for the Enchanting itself. These raw materials can fetch quite a price in the Auction House as well, but as leveling Enchanting might be tedious and expensive, you can also ask your friend with Enchanting skill to Disenchant for you (and give them some Gold for their time - it's win-win).
  • The Auction House is the market of WoW, where business is the busiest, and there's a lot of Gold to be made. Learn the average market price, put your high-demand raw materials or products for around that price, or put your rare, powerful items (or rare vanity items) for ludicrous amount of Gold (as long it's not too ludicrous). It also helps to have a low level Alt(ernative characters) 'camping' the Auction House, since Auction House are only located in major cities, and it may be tedious to return here and forth just to do business. Said Alt can also be your warehouse to store items you might need later.
9. Some common terms:
  • Alt: Alternative character, basically a character other than your main character, that you play occasionally.
  • Sheep: "To Sheep", a mage ability at first (Polymorph), the term basically means to incapacitate the target so it would not participate in combat, thus lessening the load on the tank. .
  • Offtank: A secondary tank, some Bosses consist of more than 1 NPC mobs, these might need an extra hand to deal with. In case of Main tank death, Offtanks can and should immediately take over their role if they are not preoccupied.
  • AH: Auction House.
  • GY: Graveyard, the place you are sent to if you die.
  • Rez: Resurrect.
  • CC: Crowd Control, to incapacitate an enemy so they would not participate in combat, thus lessening the load. Read Sheep.
  • DPS: Damage per Second.
  • Nuke: Skills that deal tremendous amount of damage in a single hit. Compare with DoT.
  • DoT: Damage over Time, skills that deal damage over a period of time. Compare with Nuke.
  • HoT: Heal over Time, basically a 'positive' form of DoT.
  • Toon: Basically means character.
  • Instance: Also known as Dungeons, these are tough, challenging places where the best gears can be found. Bring your friend here!
  • BG: Battleground, a PvP arena with a certain objective to win. The 5 BGs are Alterac Valley (AV), Arathi Basin (AB), Warsong Gulch (WSG), Eye of the Storm (EoE), and Strand of the Ancients (SotA).
  • Major Cities: Horde: Orgrimmar (Org), Thunder Bluff (TB), Undercity (UC), Silvermoon City (SMC) ; Alliance: Stormwind (SW), Ironforge (IF) ; Neutral: Shattrath City (Shat), Dalaran (Dal)
10. This is my favorite site for WoW information, due to its organization and information content. Thottbot has even more information, but the lack of organization kind of turn me away.

11. Remember, teamworks trump over everything. Well, of course not if it's ludicrous enough like 5 lvl 15 players vs 1 lvl 70 player, but 5 lvl 60 players can kill 1 lvl 70.

12. Last but not least, FOR THE HORDE!

#7 Christyjmj


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Posted 05 May 2009 - 03:23 PM

Great posts everyone. I've been playing WoW since it's beginning years ago and I can honestly say, pretty much everything has been covered for newbies.. nice!

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