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I Need Help To Design A Web Site For My Soccer Team...(totally Clueless, Please Help!)

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#1 Dodgdude


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Posted 16 August 2007 - 03:41 PM

I really hope I get a good answer for this, because I need some help. I'm trying to create a website for my soccer team, but I have no clue what to do. I'm trying to use a template. It's on busc.org-scroll down to the bottom of the page (the really bottom). You have to log into the team editor to access the template it previews-the username and password are both "demo" no caps, no punctuation. It gives me all the stuff but I have no idea what to do with it or how to put it all together into a website. Can somebody please, please help me? I'm looking for a big, fat nice reply with very easy-to-follow instructions. I made myself a member on thi site like 10 minutes ago solely for this question. Also, th dealine for this is tomorrow evening, so please hurry. Thanks. I will totally LOVE my savior... :thumbsup:

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#2 Noot


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Posted 16 August 2007 - 11:43 PM

Oh this was posted yesterday :thumbsup: Well, if you still need help on putting it up regardless, it is still here. Good luck either way!


I hope I can make this as simple as I can for you.

First, you'll want to work with your index page first. This template makes it pretty easy as all you have to do is add the stuff instead of completely creating it. If you have a group image or an image you'd like to use within that thick black border, find that and you'll want to make sure the size is around what is on the test site, which is 400x265. If you can't get it exactly that, then that is okay. From what I've read from the code, the border will adjust to the size of the image.

Once you have your image, you'll first want to upload it. You'll want to go to your "images" folder. Below it, to the bottom right, there is a text box and then a browse button and then an add file button. Click browse and search for the image you want to use for the main page, then click add file. Next, you'll want to add it to the index page. Click on the / folder at the very top on the little menu on the left side. Scroll until you find the index.html page and click on the edit button, which is the first of the two (looks like a piece of paper with the pencil). You'll need to scroll to the bottom until you see this piece of coding:

<TD vAlign=top align=middle height=367><P><IMG height=265 hspace=0 src="http://www.busc.org/test2/testpicture.jpg" width=400 border=25> </P><P class=lead_header>Uxx United Team Website</P></TD></TR>

First, you'll want to change the picture so where it has the "http://etc.etc/text2/textpicture.jpg, you'll want to switch to yours, which would be http://www.busc.org/ursitename/images/urimage.jpg. If your image isnt exactly 400 px, then make sure to change that as well. Below that, write in your team's name. Make sure to click save! Then click close.

Next, you'll want to go to the schedule(We'll skip the news section for later. I'm sure you just want to get up the major parts first, then we'll come back to this) page. Click on edit button next to schedule.html. You'll scroll about 45% the way down, to where you'll see some coding that looks like this:

<table width="90%" border="1" cellspacing="0" bordercolor="#666666">                              <tr align="center" class="menu_title_other">                                <td>Date</td>                                <td>Time</td>                                <td>Location</td>                                <td>Home</td>                                <td>H<br>      Score</td>                                <td>V<br>      Score</td>                                <td>Visitor</td>                              </tr>                              <tr>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                              </tr>                              <tr>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                              </tr>                              <tr>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                              </tr>                              <tr>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                              </tr>                              <tr>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                              </tr>                              <tr>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                              </tr>                              <tr>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                              </tr>                              <tr>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                              </tr>                              <tr>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                              </tr>                              <tr>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                              </tr>                              <tr>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                                <td> </td>                              </tr>                            </table>

Now, a quick html lesson: "tr" means table row and "td" means table data. So, when you see a <tr> that just means that it has started a new row and <td> means thats where your text will go. Okay, so there is 11 groupings, now if you look at the template, it means that it goes down 11 rows, 7 spots across. So, the first set of groupings would be for the first week and each td would go under the specific headers already given to you, such as the "date", "time", "location", etc. So as an example for you, you might put:

<tr>               <td>08/25</td>               <td>4:00pm</td>               <td>Jackson High School Field</td>               <td>Jackson Cougars</td>               <td>4</td>               <td>2</td>               <td>Glendale Hornets</td>               </tr>

Do that until you've completed your schedule. If it is longer than the given 11 rows, to add another, just do as I did and follow suit as it as given you.

That will work the same way as the tournament table below that, once it comes for that for your team.

Next, click save and then click close.

You'll move ahead to the Roster page, this works just the same as the previous page, the only way it works any different is that instead of 7 data spots, there is just 2. You'll scroll down until you find code that looks similar to this (and if you have any problems, you've only to post here and I will help you!) and fill in the names of the players and their numbers. Remember to click save and then click close.

Forms I am guessing is if someone wants to play for your team? Please respond back if you have anything to put there and I will instruct you as to how to put it up!

Next, the calendar page looks tough, but it's the same as before, just constructed differently. This I'm guessing is either to inform of a game, practice, meeting, etc? So, scroll down about a 1/3 or so of the way down. You'll come across some code that looks like this:

<td align="center" colspan="7" height="35"><h3 class="monthYear">June  2006</h3></td>              </tr>              <tr>                <td align="center" class="black">Sun</td>                <td align="center" class="black">Mon</td>                <td align="center" class="black">Tue</td>                <td align="center" class="black">Wed</td>                <td align="center" class="black">Thu</td>                <td align="center" class="black">Fri</td>                <td align="center" class="black">Sat</td>              </tr>              <tr>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black"> </td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black"> </td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black"> </td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black"> </td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">1</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">2</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">3</td>              </tr>              <tr>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">4</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">5</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">6</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">7</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">8</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">9</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">10</td>              </tr>              <tr>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">11</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">12</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">13</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">14</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">15</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">16</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">17</td>              </tr>              <tr>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">18</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">19</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">20</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">21</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">22</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">23</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">24</td>              </tr>              <tr>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">25</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">26</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">27</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">28</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">29</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">30</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black"> </td>              </tr>            </table>

This is the table for the June month on the calendar. Now, you see the numbers and that shows you which day box it is. You'll now learn how to create a break, or a new paragraph. Just insert <p> and you'll include what you want, followed by a </p> Or, you can use 2 <br> tags in which you won't have to worry about a closing tag. For example, if you want to use the <p> tag, you'll do it this way:

<tr>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black"> </td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black"> </td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black"> </td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black"> </td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">1<p> Practice 5pm</p></td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">2</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">3</td>              </tr>

Or with the <br> tags:

<tr>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black"> </td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black"> </td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black"> </td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black"> </td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">1<br><br>Practice 5pm</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">2</td>                <td width="14%" height="65" valign="top" class="black">3</td>              </tr>

Either or should work, and if it doesn't, let me know! Continue to do the same to fill in the calendar squares that remain.

Click save and then click close.

We'll then move onto the coaches and trainers page. Click the edit button next to coaches.htm and if you have a picture of yourself and/or any of your other coaches, assistants, trainers, etc, make sure you get them and upload them such as you did for the photo for the index page. The link for that photo will be the same with the exception of whatever name the file was. Make sure you follow the same instructions as before and you upload the photos within the images folder.

You'll then search for this coding(which is located nearly at the end):

<table width="346"        border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">                                      <tr>                                        <td width="167"><img src="images/lgimage.gif" width="167" height="197" alt="image"            border="1"></td>                                        <td width="12"></td>                                        <td width="167"><img src="images/lgimage.gif" width="167" height="197" alt="image"            border="1"></td>                                      </tr>                                    </table>                                    <p><b class="header">Coach: </b><span class="body_text">Coach                                        Name Here</span><b><br>                                          <span class="header">Assistant Coach:</span> </b><span class="body_text">Assistant                                          Name Here</span></p>                                    </td></tr></table></td></tr></table></td></tr></table>

Now, it says "images/lgimage.gif". You might be confused as to why it isn't the extended address (or known to us web geeks as an absolute address). You can use both, but since you are new, I'm going to keep this easy and simple. Clear out everything between the " " and type in the address as used for the image on the index page. Remember what the dimensions of your image are, as you'll need them in the "width" and "height" areas. Also, where it says "td width" you'll need to change that number to whichever the width of your image is. So "width" = "td width". If you have anymore other coaches or whatever, just copy and paste:

<td width="12"></td>                                        <td width="167"><img src="images/lgimage.gif" width="167" height="197" alt="image"            border="1"></td>

Then continue to change what you need as you did before. Remember if you do add any more, you'll want to add their name to the bottom as well. You'll want to copy and paste this:

<br>              <span class="header">Assistant Coach:</span> </b><span class="body_text">Assistant               Name Here</span></p>

Then of course, change what you need to. Click save and then click close.

You might not have any images right now, as you've mentioned the season hasn't started and you need it up by tomorrow evening, so we can leave that until later.

The links.htm page seems to be alright? We can leave that for now.

Now, remember the news page? If you need to put up something, then you'll need to learn how to link to a page. If you already have a news page, such as something from a local news website, you'll need to copy and paste the following piece of code:

<a href="http://www.wsyr9.com/newsarticle/jfketj/ektjere.html">Soccer team beats Rival!</a>

Just switch out the address between the " " for whichever address you want to put in and then change the title to whichever is the title of the article. That will be what the viewer sees and will click on.

I think that is it! If you need any more help, please please don't feel afraid to reply to this thread or PM me. I'll be of whatever help I can be! Let me know how it goes!

Good luck! :flowers:

Edited by Noot, 16 August 2007 - 11:45 PM.

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