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License: Free
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
32-bit program. Can run on both a 32-bit and 64-bit OS.
Version: 33.1.2015.0
File Size: 1.13 MBs
Downloads: 30,824
Last Updated: 11/15/18 02:40:12 AM EST

BleepingComputer Review:

WinPatrol is a free security utility that allows you to get a closer look under the hood of Windows so that you can detect programs that should not be running. When using WinPatrol, you will be shown various tabs that show information about configuration sections in Windows. These tabs allow you to get a good overview of what programs are starting and files that may have been left behind by malware. 

Some of the information that WinPatrol displays include:

  • Active Tasks
  • Services
  • Startup Programs
  • Cookies
  • File Types
  • Hidden Files

To make it easier to interpret the information being displayed, WinPatrol will automatically whitelist services and startup items that belong to Microsoft. This allows you to quickly spot ones that do not belong.

For those who wish to have extra features such as ActiveX Controls and Registry monitoring, you can upgrade to WinPatrol Plus.


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