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      Registry Backup

      Registry Backup is a free utility that allows you to backup and restore your Windows Registry using Shadow Volume Services.  This program will backup all Registry settings including those for each user profile in Windows.  In the future, if your Registry becomes corrupt or damaged, you can easily select a previously created Registry backup and restore it.

      • Total Downloads: 40,779
      • Downloads last week: 161
      •   November 15, 2018
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      NTREGOPT, or NT Registry Optimizer, is a Windows Registry defragmentation utility.  Over time as entries are added and deleted from the Windows Registry, gaps are created. These gaps are unused space that takes up unnecessary disk space and reduces the overall performance of accessing the Registry.  NTREGOPT rebuilds the Registry so that it is compact and does not contain any extra spaces.

      • Total Downloads: 46,097
      • Downloads last week: 96
      •   November 15, 2018
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      ERUNT, or The Emergency Recovery Utility NT, is a utility that can be used to backup and restore the Windows Registry.  This tool has the ability to do a complete backup and restore of the Windows Registry, including the security hive so that permissions are properly backed up and restored.

      • Total Downloads: 57,398
      • Downloads last week: 213
      •   November 15, 2018


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