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      GlassWire is a free network monitoring tool that displays and alerts you about the network traffic originating from your computer.  This allows you to quickly see what applications are communicating over the network and the Internet, how much bandwidth they are using, and what hosts they are connecting to. GlassWire also maintains a database of suspicious sites and will alert you when you attempt to visit one of them. Last, but not least, GlassWire includes an easy to use application firewall that allows you to block specific applications from communicating over a network and the Internet.

      • Total Downloads: 44,926
      • Downloads last week: 130
      •   November 15, 2018
    • NetAdapter Repair All In One Logo

      NetAdapter Repair All In One

      NetAdapter Repair All In One is a utility that acts as a Swiss army knife for network related Windows tasks.  Not only can NetAdapter Repair be used to fix common networking and winsock issues, but it also contains a variety of tools and diagnostics that enable you to change various network settings.

      • Total Downloads: 192,368
      • Downloads last week: 772
      •   November 15, 2018
    • TeamViewer Logo


      A powerful remote desktop utility which is free for personal use.

      • Total Downloads: 13,256
      • Downloads last week: 20
      •   May 19, 2012
    • PuTTY Logo


      A Windows client for SSH, Telnet, and similar command-line remote access protocols.

      • Total Downloads: 32,027
      • Downloads last week: 101
      •   November 15, 2018
    • TCPView Logo


      TCPView is a handy little program that allows you to see the network activity on your computer.  When run, you will be able to see what remote devices or computers that your individual programs are communicating with as well as what programs are waiting for connections.

      • Total Downloads: 33,009
      • Downloads last week: 43
      •   August 15, 2017
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