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      Cyberreason's RansomFree is a ransomware protection program that silently runs in the background looking for ransomware activity on a computer. If activity is detected, such as the encrypting of certain files, it will automatically terminate the program to prevent your data from being encrypted.

      • Total Downloads: 22,065
      • Downloads last week: 375
      •   August 16, 2017
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      Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware

      Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta is a program that protects your computer from file encrypting ransomware programs.  This programs quietly sits in the background while analyzing the behaviour of the process threads on the computer. When it notices that a thread is trying to encrypt data on your computer, it will automatically terminate the thread.

      • Total Downloads: 274,947
      • Downloads last week: 521
      •   November 15, 2018
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      ListCWall, or ListCryptoWall, is a small utility that can be used to export and backup the list of files encrypted by the CryptoWall ransomware infection. When CryptoWall infects your computer it will encrypt your data and store a list of these encrypted files in your Windows Registry.  ListCWall will export a sorted list of infected files into a text file so that you can easily find affected files.

      • Total Downloads: 95,782
      • Downloads last week: 22
      •   November 15, 2018
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