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OldTimer is a developer of numerous security utilities that are used by helpers on various forums to analyze a computer for signs of malware and then remove them. 

The applications created by OldTimer are 100% free but do consume enormous amount of his time.  If you found his tools helpful and would like to show your appreciation, feel free to leave him a tip through his paypal button below.

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There are 2 programs by OldTimer.
    • OTL Logo


      OTL, or OldTimer ListIt, is a tool that is used to diagnose a computer for a possible malware presence and to provide system diagnostics information that can by someone working on a computer.  When run, OTL will scan your computer for a variety of information and then generate a report with a tremendous amount of information about your computer's hardware, programs, files, and running environment.

      • Total Downloads: 183,509
      • Downloads last week: 169
      •   July 24, 2012
    • TFC Logo


      TFC. or Temp File Cleaner, is a small utility that will clean out all the folders on your computer that house temporary files.  The temp folders that TFC will clean are the Java, Windows Temp Folder, and the Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, and Safari caches. This tool will clean the folders for all accounts on the computer including the Administrator, NetworkService, and LocalService accounts.

      • Total Downloads: 542,014
      • Downloads last week: 1,054
      •   June 14, 2012


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