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Farbar is a malware fighter who helps people with malware removal on a variety of security forums.  He has incorporated his own experience and other malware fighters into some useful tools to assist helpers in removing malware.

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There are 5 programs by Farbar.
    • ListParts Logo


      ListParts is a small utility that will create a log that contains a listing of all the hard drive partitions on your computer, which can then be posted on the forum that you are receiving help.  This tool is useful for diagnosing rootkit infections that create additional hidden partitions on your computer.

      • Total Downloads: 95,766
      • Downloads last week: 82
      •   August 27, 2018
    • GrantPerms Logo


      GrantPerms is a small portable tool that can be used to check permissions or unlock multiple files and folders. It is useful in cases where malware locks security files and system files and prevent them from running even after the malware is removed.

      • Total Downloads: 169,618
      • Downloads last week: 1,303
      •   May 30, 2012
    • MiniToolBox Logo


      MiniToolBox detects Internet connection issues due to broken or hijacked LSP, proxy settings, and problems with network adapters. It can also be used to detecte search redirections and router hijackings.

      • Total Downloads: 697,147
      • Downloads last week: 1,098
      •   August 18, 2016
    • Farbar Recovery Scan Tool Logo

      Farbar Recovery Scan Tool

      Farbar Recovery Scan Tool, or FRST, is a portable application designed to run on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 in normal or safe mode to diagnose malware issues.

      • Total Downloads: 3,797,880
      • Downloads last week: 8,908
      •   September 04, 2018
    • Farbar Service Scanner Logo

      Farbar Service Scanner

      Farbar Service Scanner allows you to diagnose network connectivity issues due to corrupted or missing Windows services.

      • Total Downloads: 447,035
      • Downloads last week: 305
      •   January 31, 2015
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