There are 4 programs by Emsisoft.
    • CryptON Ransomware Decryptor Logo

      CryptON Ransomware Decryptor

      If you are infected with the CryptON Ransomware, then you are in luck. Emsisoft was able to figure out a way to decrypt files encrypted by this ransomware so victims can get their files back for free.

      • Total Downloads: 6,878
      • Downloads last week: 54
      •   March 08, 2017
    • Emsisoft Anti-Malware Logo

      Emsisoft Anti-Malware

      Emsisoft AntiMalware has become a favorite at  It's dual scanning engine consists of BitDefender definitions as well as definitions created by Emsisoft,  which when combined, allows for excellent and up-to-date detections.

      • Total Downloads: 185,050
      • Downloads last week: 254
      •   March 01, 2017
    • BlitzBlank Logo


      BlitzBlank is an advanced system administration tool that allows you to disable drivers, delete files, folders, Windows Registry keys and values that are in-use or locked by malware. BlitzBlank also includes the ability to create scripts for removing multiple files, folders, and Registry information at once in order to avoid malware recreating the files and locking them again. This tool should only be used by advanced system administrators and IT professionals due to its ability to delete almost any file or folder.

      • Total Downloads: 48,370
      • Downloads last week: 42
      •   August 18, 2016
    • Emsisoft Emergency Kit Logo

      Emsisoft Emergency Kit

      Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a collection of standalone security programs and scanners that can be run from a USB key, bootable CD/DVD, or from within Windows Safe Mode without having to download and install a full security product.  This program is very useful for infections, such as Ransomware,  that cannot be removed while the infections are active or while logged into Windows.  

      • Total Downloads: 266,755
      • Downloads last week: 210
      •   March 11, 2017
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