Due to the generosity and support of the site's visitors, members, and colleagues, BleepingComputer.com has raised $72,000 towards its legal defense against Enigma Software.  The support and generosity you have shown the site, whether it is through a monetary contribution or just by letting others know, is truly humbling.  I cannot thank you enough!

Being sued is a scary experience and it would have been much easier to just give into Enigma's demands and remove the negative opinion of SpyHunter. Unfortunately, making the right choice is not always the easiest option.  With your support, you have shown me that deciding to fight this lawsuit, even though it was the harder option, was the right decision.

This lawsuit, though, is far from over and we are still fighting to have it dismissed.  We have already filed our motion to dismiss and are now awaiting another amended complaint from Enigma, which is due on March 18th.

Therefore, please continue to spread the word and let people know about this issue.

As stated previously, if Enigma decides to drop this lawsuit and stop wasting all of our money, including their own, I would be happy to welcome them to the site to have an open discussion about the concerns people have with their product. Then I can donate all the unused contributions to a worthy charity!