As per a settlement agreement between Bleeping Computer, LLC, and Enigma Software Group USA LLC (ESG), has removed posts written by Quietman7.

Through this lawsuit, and the discovery phase, ESG had the opportunity to review information provided by Bleeping Computer, and Bleeping Computer had the opportunity to review theirs. This allowed a greater insight into the operations of ESG and, at the same time, they learned more about

While Bleeping Computer may not agree with some of the ways that the product has been marketed, it is clear ESG’s support staff are passionate about helping people with their malware infections.

As part of this settlement, Bleeping Computer also had the opportunity to discuss its concerns about SpyHunter in a conversation with ESG’s CEO Alvin Estevez. Alvin also expressed concerns about what people post about his software product on sites like

As part of this conversation, ESG has expressed that they do not condone affiliates who improperly market their products and want people to notify them if any affiliate does anything of concern. To facilitate this, they have set up an Abuse Form ( where anyone can directly notify ESG of abuse issues or any concerns.

Bleeping Computer also agreed to continue monitoring SpyHunter and to have an open line of communication with Enigma. Any issues of concern that Bleeping Computer becomes aware of will be communicated directly to Enigma Software Group, and they will promptly respond to them.