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Information on Ransomware Programs


A Ransomware Program is a program that literally ransoms the data or functionality of your computer until you perform an action, which is typically to purchase the program or send someone money.


Detailed description:

Ransomware are programs that take your computer hostage in order to force you to give them money so that your computer operates properly again. These programs typically change the behavior of your computer in the following ways:

  • Make it so that you can not execute programs other than ones required to pay the ransom.

  • Terminate any non-essential programs that may be running.

  • Encrypt your data so that you can no longer access it or open it with programs.

  • Remove your ability to browse the Internet other than to locations that will allow you to pay the ransom

Once you pay the requested ransom, the criminals may send you a code that you can input into the Ransomware program that will then allow you to use your computer or decrypt your data. In some situations, though, even if you do pay the ransom, the criminals will just take your money and run, with you being left with your problem unresolved.

Though the loss of your data and computer can be devastating, sending the ransom could be even more so. Depending on how the criminals want you to pay the ransom could put you at risk for Identity Theft as the information you send may contain personal information. Therefore, we suggest that you never pay these ransoms as in almost all situations a solution will be found that will allow you to remove the ransomware or restore your data without you having to pay the ransom. Therefore, if you ever run into a ransomware, please do not send the payment, and instead you should ask around in our forum or research your situation through Google, as the answer will most likely be published or at least being worked on.

Examples of Ransomware alerts can be found below:


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