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118 programs in the Windows section.
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SUPERAntiSpyware Logo
Publisher: SUPERAntiSpyware
Platform: Windows | Category: Anti-Malware | Total Downloads: 178,576 | Downloads last week: 1,479
Added on September 27, 2012
SUPERAntiSpyware is a free anti-spyware program that offers excellent detections and quick removal of common infections. As malware is constantly evolving and new variants are released, there is not one particular security program that will be able to protect you from all threats.  Therefore it is important to have a variety of programs in your security toolbox that you can use to scan your computer for malware and aid you in their removal.  SUPERAntiSpyware is definitely one of the programs that you want to have at your disposal.

Secunia PSI Logo
Publisher: Secunia
Version: 3.0 | Platform: Windows | Category: Vulnerable Software Scanners | Total Downloads: 48,214 | Downloads last week: 183
Added on June 09, 2015
Secunia PSI is a tool that can be used to monitor your installed applications for new updates.  When started, Secunia PSI will scan your computer for applications and install any updates that are available for them. This allows your computer to remain secure from possible vulnerabilities in your installed programs.

BlitzBlank Logo
Publisher: Emsisoft
Platform: Windows | Category: Security Utilities | Total Downloads: 34,226 | Downloads last week: 138
Added on January 06, 2015
BlitzBlank is an advanced system administration tool that allows you to disable drivers, delete files, folders, Windows Registry keys and values that are in-use or locked by malware. BlitzBlank also includes the ability to create scripts for removing multiple files, folders, and Registry information at once in order to avoid malware recreating the files and locking them again. This tool should only be used by advanced system administrators and IT professionals due to its ability to delete almost any file or folder.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit Logo
Publisher: Emsisoft
Platform: Windows | Category: Anti-Virus | Total Downloads: 205,024 | Downloads last week: 608
Added on June 08, 2015
Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a collection of standalone security programs and scanners that can be run from a USB key, bootable CD/DVD, or from within Windows Safe Mode without having to download and install a full security product.  This program is very useful for infections, such as Ransomware,  that cannot be removed while the infections are active or while logged into Windows.  

CCleaner Logo
Publisher: Piriform
Version: 5.0.5 | Platform: Windows | Category: System Administration | Total Downloads: 239,748 | Downloads last week: 2,432
Added on April 23, 2015
CCleaner is a program that will scan your computer for temporary files or private browser information and deletes it from your computer.  This allows you to keep your computer running efficiently, while protecting your sensitive information.

Publisher: Lars Hederer
Platform: Windows | Category: Windows Registry | Total Downloads: 30,627 | Downloads last week: 157
Added on June 27, 2012
NTREGOPT, or NT Registry Optimizer, is a Windows Registry defragmentation utility.  Over time as entries are added and deleted from the Windows Registry, gaps are created. These gaps are unused space that takes up unnecessary disk space and reduces the overall performance of accessing the Registry.  NTREGOPT rebuilds the Registry so that it is compact and does not contain any extra spaces.

Publisher: Lars Hederer
Platform: Windows | Category: Windows Registry | Total Downloads: 28,639 | Downloads last week: 153
Added on June 27, 2012
ERUNT, or The Emergency Recovery Utility NT, is a utility that can be used to backup and restore the Windows Registry.  This tool has the ability to do a complete backup and restore of the Windows Registry, including the security hive so that permissions are properly backed up and restored.

Kensington TrackballWorks Logo
Publisher: Kensington
Platform: Windows | Category: Keyboard & Mouse Utilities | Total Downloads: 3,967 | Downloads last week: 4
Added on July 05, 2012
Kensington TrackballWorks allows you to customize your TrackBall's buttons and change its pointer speed and acceleration.

OTL Logo
Publisher: OldTimer
Platform: Windows | Category: Security Utilities | Total Downloads: 138,223 | Downloads last week: 516
Added on July 24, 2012
OTL, or OldTimer ListIt, is a tool that is used to diagnose a computer for a possible malware presence and to provide system diagnostics information that can by someone working on a computer.  When run, OTL will scan your computer for a variety of information and then generate a report with a tremendous amount of information about your computer's hardware, programs, files, and running environment.

TFC Logo
Publisher: OldTimer
Platform: Windows | Category: System Administration | Total Downloads: 299,476 | Downloads last week: 1,953
Added on June 14, 2012
TFC. or Temp File Cleaner, is a small utility that will clean out all the folders on your computer that house temporary files.  The temp folders that TFC will clean are the Java, Windows Temp Folder, and the Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, and Safari caches. This tool will clean the folders for all accounts on the computer including the Administrator, NetworkService, and LocalService accounts.


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