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Driver Fusion (Driver Sweeper) 1.2.0 Download

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Operating System:Windows XP/Vista/7/8
32-bit program. Can run on both a 32-bit and 64-bit OS.


File Size:5.8 MBs


Last Updated:08/18/14 03:58:58 PM EDT

Screenshots for Driver Fusion (Driver Sweeper)

BleepingComputer Review:

Driver Fusion is the successor to the popular driver cleaning utility called Driver Sweeper. Driver Fusion is a utility that can be used to remove all traces of different types of drivers so that you can install a newer version without having driver conflicts. Unfortunately, when you install a new driver without properly removing an older version it could cause a driver conflict. Driver conflicts could result in Windows crashes and performance issues.  Therefore it is important to make sure all traces of older drivers are removed before installing a newer version.

Warning: The free version of Driver Fusion is bundled with 3rd party programs. When installing this software, please be sure to read the EULA and opt out of any products you do not want to be installed.

The free version of Driver Fusion has the following capabilities:

  • Driver cleaning
  • Driver database
  • Custom Filters
  • Large driver vendor support.
  • Process Assist that stops processes that may conflict with driver cleaning.
  • History showing previous removals.

Driver Fusion can perform a clean install of the following types of drivers:

  • AMD - Display
  • ASUS - Sound
  • Creative - Sound
  • Fresco Logic - USB
  • HP - Printer
  • Intel - Chipset
  • JMicron - Storage
  • Marvell - Storage
  • Microsoft - Keyboard
  • Microsoft- Mouse
  • NEC - USB
  • NVIDIA - Chipset
  • NVIDIA - Display
  • NVIDIA - PhysX
  • Realtek - LAN
  • Realtek - Sound


Product Description from Treexy:

Driver Fusion is the complete driver solution for your PC. It helps you to manage your devices and assist with a complete uninstall of old system drivers in the easiest possible way. Driver Fusion keeps your PC running efficiently and effectively with advanced system driver removal which even deletes those files, directories and registry entries that are left behind by the normal vendor uninstallers. By removing old device drivers before installing new drivers you will ensure that your PC will reach its maximal performance.

The clear uncluttered user interface guides the user step-by-step in the removal of the different kind of devices drivers such as sound drivers, keyboard drivers, mouse drivers and graphic card drivers. Driver Fusion automatically updates its cleaning process by using the Treexy cloud driver database which ensures the best possible removal of Windows device drivers, in particular those unused, conflicting and unwanted drivers. Device control is the advanced Windows device manager that allows the user to restart, enable or disable any installed device and it is even possible to easily uninstall, backup or restore the device drivers.

Best of all, Treexy Driver Fusion does all this for free and can be downloaded as freeware. Combined with additional features such as device driver backups, system protection, custom filters and a desktop icon manager, Driver Fusion offers a complete solution to all your driver analysis and management needs.


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